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Welcome to Lainotebur Entertainment, LLC

Welcome to Lainotebur Entertainment, LLC

Welcome to Lainotebur Entertainment, LLC Welcome to Lainotebur Entertainment, LLC



     A native of Memphis, TN, BeatMasta71  started experimenting with creating his own musical works in the late 80s. His humble beginnings wasn't the traditional sit down with an instructor and get music lessons. He had to settle for making music with what he had because his family was poor. From using an empty shoe box for creating a bass kick drum sound to recording his voice and sound between 2 boom boxes. It didn't stop there. After a friend allowed him to borrow a small sampling keyboard made by Casio. BeatMasta71 began to create his own sound and discovered the unlimited possibilities you have with using a sampler to design new sounds.

During the early 90s, He gave other people an opportunity to hear some of his works and the reviews were good. Eventhough he was considered to be very good and unique, BeatMasta71 didn't aspire to go beyond being a musical hobbyist.

For many years, creating his own works was a pass time. He's worked with a countless number of talented vocalist just on demand and continues to create original works He feels his inspiration comes from Bruce Lee and his philosophy of spiritual liberation. 

He's a very different and unique beatmaker.

Over 30 years as a beat maker.

"Inspired and Influenced by many, the creative drive I have was mostly influence by Bruce Lee and his philosophy. "Using no way as way. Having no limitations as limitations. "I just create what I feel at any given moment. Whatever comes of it, that's what it is."    -   BeatMasta71

His plan is to help Lainotebur Entertainment usher in the future sound of tomorrow and maintain his southern musical heritage. Growing up listening to Memphis Artist gave him that. BeatMasta71 understands his musical purpose. It is a very unorthodox way he creates but to him that's what art is.


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“I can make all kinds of phony things..but, to express oneself honesty, not lying to oneself;that, my friend, is very hard to do.”  -BRUCE LEE